Let’s transform your home into a personal retreat center. Deepening Your Daily Practice will help you create a habit of the daily practices you have always wanted to nourish and inspire in your life. I will work with you to create a safe environment to explore and learn based upon your experience and interest. Practices can be guided or unguided depending on your preference.

Choose a customized, personal support program for you:


6 month program
Re-orient yourself to practice in your own home and freshen up your space to encourage your practice.


9 month program
Through dedication, accountability and consistent support you will build your self-discipline in a sustainable manner and claim your home practice.


one yeaR
If the routines in your life aren’t supporting your best self, or if you’re over-whelmed or just stuck, and you have heard the call to simplify and deepen, Life Changer is the program for you.
If you tend to go to yoga classes, go to meditation sits, or go away on retreat and are looking to try to practice at home Deepening Your Daily Practice gives you the support you need to stay motivated. Each program includes a variation of practice days and ongoing practice support. Practice Days are day long retreats with me, in your home, where we will dedicate time to these activities with the goal of finding ways to incorporate these into your daily life. On-going Practice Support resets your personal commitment and goals to keep you focused *after* your Practice Day. I support you with Weekly Follow Ups, Practice Logs, and personalized Self-Care Wellness Plans. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, I invite you to try The Taster. An opportunity to get to know what it’s like to have a day to deepen your practice or wellness through self-care. Eleni will come to your house for 3 hours to guide you through yoga and meditation.