Mind-training/ Mindfulness/Meditation/ Observation of the Mind/RETREATS

Through guided, patient acceptance of the the spectrum of the emotional states of mind, step-by-step individualised guidance of recognising habitual mind-patterning, and observing ways to categorise and embrace the constrictions of the mind to change thought patterns in a safe, personalised way. 

Retreat practice has taught me that moving away from our daily lives affords a chance to notice thought patterns, constrictions, and ways in which we move in the world. Space and the awareness of space outside of our patterns of actions/reactions gives more possibility in tapping into the present moment with open-heartedness and acceptance of ourselves and the environment or challenges around us. 



Create a tool box of self-care habits to chose when faced with the challenges of daily busy-ness. The tools I suggest are based on your current diet/lifestyle and ways that you would like to change to support a more balanced life–emotionally/mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Serving clients to connect to where they feel their lives are out of balance, they then can reflect and with my guidance access for themselves where they would like to make daily habitual changes to treat themselves with more love and patience. Pushing through and forcing change is not my approach. One size never fits all. It’s with the support of on-going habitual changes to support your present life. Less is more. simple choices for you to feel better. 

When we make better choices, we give ourselves space and the awareness of space between going into our normal patterned ways of living, and ways to break us open to better lives and possibilities.



Half my life has been dedicated to the practice of yoga. Different teachings, different styles, different  schools have influenced my teaching during various stages of my life. I know what is essential to relate to how the body changes, the breath moves, and the working with where you are with acceptance and openness. 

Where the breath moves in the body, the spirit responds. Forcing yourself into yoga poses at a general class of yoga without the confidence and discipline to support what your body needs often causes more constriction, more blockages, and more ego about achieving something–whether it’s the look of the pose, or the completion of a certain “level” of a class. There is no race, no ultimate achievement place to get to in yoga. Rather, it is an opportunity to accept the ever-changing essence of yourself in the moment and bring a sense of gentle peace—a space and an awareness of space outside of your normal life.